Good As Gold Dog Training

Good As Gold Dog Training

Dog Training isn't's priceless!!

I am a certified trainer specializing in problem behavior and
basic obedience. I am a registered Canine Good Citizen
evaluator for the AKC. I offer private instruction locally for
reasonable prices, and can custom tailor programs to meet
you and your dogs needs .

Good as Gold Boarding and Training Facility

We are now offering boarding services, training classes, and
board and train programs at our new facility in Smithville

Leave your dog in our care in our brand new state of the art

Enroll him in our board and train program and when you return
home he will be basic obedience trained!!

In- Home Training
These programs are for private lessons in your home. Each session will last 45 mins to 1 hour. They
are done at a time and date that is convenient for you. This is the most effective training available,
as it is one on one with the trainer.

Puppy Manners 101
This is a 4 lesson series designed for
puppies 3-6 mos. It will give them a good
foundation for training and help you deal
with the "pitfalls" of puppyhood !!

Topics covered -
Puppy Manners
Crate Training
Basic Obedience - Sit, Stay, Come,
Down and Walk on a loose leash.
Cost $300.00
Basic Obedience 201
This is a 5 lesson series
designed for dogs 6 mos and
older. It covers all basic
commands and problem solving
Topics covered -
Problem Solving
Crate Training
Basic Obedience - Sit, Stay,
Come, Down and Heel
Beginning off leash work and
stays from 30 feet away
Cost $350.00
Advanced Off Leash
This is a 5 lesson series
covering off leash obedience.
Your dog should have taken
our Basic 201 to enroll
Topics covered-
Off Leash Heeling
Reliable Come when Called
Stay off Leash
Beginning Retrieving
Down at a distance
Cost $400.00

We also offer single session consultations for
Problem Behaviors

Aggression Problems
Separation Anxiety
Fear Biting

Please call or email me for more info.

Consultations and per hour training $75.00